Character Creation

Starting city: Solku
Base of Operations: Kelmarane
Current Location: Kakishon

Character Creation
Middle Eastern names
Post your character here for review.
Abilities scores. 20 point buy. No dumping below 8 after racial mods. Except for Con, no starting stat above 19 after racial modifiers.
Hit points: As Pathfinder Society rules +1 each level. (d12=8/lvl, d10=7/lvl, d8=6/lvl, d5/lvl)
No evil.
2 traits, one must be a chosen from those in the Legacy of Fire players guide.
Posting a detailed background will warrent a bonus general feat that the character qualifies for (chosen from a list).
Posting adventure logs earns bonus 1 skill, hit point, or favored class alternative per level.
Armor: Keep in mind you are in or near a desert , as well as other hot environs for most of the campaign.
The AP is called, Legacy of Fire, so fire damage is something you might not want to focus on.
You most likely won’t have time to make use of item creation feats.
Starting wealth class average.

This AP tops out at lvl 15, but PCs may level higher.
Try not to plan builds based on certain equipment, it may not become available.
Anything on the PFSRD that is from Paizo with the following exceptions.
Alchemist: Vivisectionist needs reflavoring.
Cavalier: There is a good bit of dungeon crawl, so a large mount may will be a problem. The tactician fighter archetype would be a good way to thematically play a cavalier. Hell, I’ll let the Hound Master be an archetype. Another option is to take the Standard Bearer archetype for 4-lvls and multi with something else for all the other levels.
Fighter 4 skill points per level.
Gunslinger: Emerging guns.
MagusSGG Vangard and ToS Spellblade may be used as alternate classes.
Ninja – call it assassin, hashashin, or Holy Slayer.
Samurai: call yourself a Mamluk (and pick a master); same mount concerns as Cavalier. The Sword Saint archetype would solve this problem. Possible masters: The Pactmasters, Pathfinder Society, Fort Longjaw, Sarenrae’s Lambert Citadel, Church of Abadar,
Hazic Kel-Kalaar, a mercenary company, city guard, or any other organization you might think of.
Sorcerer: This is a heavily genie influenced game.
Summoner: Great possibilities to be flavored with a genie theme.
Witch: May be reflavored as a Sha’ir. The familiar would be a “gen” but otherwise behave as a normal witch’s familiar. The 3.5 version of the sha’ir class can be read here to use as flavor and inspiration. You may switch the casting stat to Charisma.

Also, Advanced Class Guide classes are welocome.

Core Races


Other races

Other 3.5 or 3rd party classes may be considered if the flavor fits the campaign.

Thematic PrCs
Balanced Scale of Abadar – from Dark Markets guide to Katapesh
Daivrate – from the Qadira companion.
Genie Binder – from this AP.
Living Monolith – from the Osirion companion; use d10 for hit dice.
Dawnflower Dervish of Sarenrae

For when we hit levels where death is just an obstacle, please let me know if you are inclined to raise the PC or roll a new one.


The following feats are not recommended:

Item Creation – There will be periods of downtime, but I can’t guarantee that it will be at any useful time period. Brewing potions and scribing scrolls wouldn’t be hard to use, however.
Leadership – I’m not ruling it out, but the cohorts will be taken from the existing NPC’s.

Character Creation

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