ally - Father Zastoran

A priest of Nethys and obsessive alchemist.


Zastoran is an elderly, short stocky human with a long grey beard who at one times was a well known Alchemist in Katapesh. Zastoran is a friendly, chatty chap who misses the comforts of his home city and who naturally gravitates toward good conversationalists with interest in culture and the arts. This works against what most people know of Alchemists, as to many Alchemists tend to keep to themselves.

Zastoran has a fascination with just about everything, and in particular is a wealth of knowledge about the Arcane, Religion and of course Alcheny. Zastoran’s passion (and some would say obsession) is with alchemy and the creation of new and exciting elixirs. Zastoran has been a good friend of the Roveshki family for many years, and has been somewhat of a spiritual advisor to Almah since joining her in this business venture to retake Kelmarane.


ally - Father Zastoran

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