Come traveller, and rest you in the shade of our oasis. The gods, in their generosity, have given us fresh water and all manner of provisions. Rest your weary feet, and perhaps stay long enough to hear our tale.

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We have also travelled, and have come far indeed. But one must start a tale in the beginning.
Hear now the story of the war between the djinn. Our story begins in the bazaars of Katapesh, in the year 4709…

Our tale begins with a terrible villain. Cruel and sadistic, he left a trail of victims behind him. The entire city was gripped with fear, for there were none confident that they would live to see the next day. So, great was the celebration when Crimson was defeated.

The church of Sarenrae was given the task of burning the body to ash, but when that body was stolen…Well that begins the story of the four fortunate men….

Genie Wars part I: The Legacy of Fire

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